3 Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Beltane (for the procrastinator witch)

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Beltane is a time for fun, friends, food, and blissful celebration. Warmer times are upon us, the sun is shining, and happier days are ahead! Typically Beltane is celebrated on the evening before May 1st, and was traditionally a time where people would gather for one last time before spending their summers working in the fields or the hills. It’s a time for blessings, for indulgence, for flowers and sunshine and late night bonfires with loved ones. A time for thanks and appreciation for the people that you love. A magickal event indeed!

Perhaps you planned to do a nature walk in the woods or meadows, or dance around the May pole with your best friends, but you’re finding yourself sitting at home alone feeling down that Beltane has passed you by.

Don’t worry! You can still celebrate the magic of of this wondrous occasion (even if there are only a few hours left) and indulge in the joy it brings….

Here are 3 last minute ways to celebrate Beltane:

1. Skype with or call up a family member or friend. Okay, so it’s too late for your epic Beltane bonfire…but it isn’t too late for a long conversation with a best friend. Give them your blessings, tell them you love them, make plans for the summer, reminisce about your happiest of times. While it would be ideal to be with them physically, sometimes that just doesn’t work out, and thats where the beauty of the internet comes in!

2. Bring an offering to a tree outside of your home. This could take less than 10 minutes, and it’s a great way to give thanks to the earth and to the universe for their many blessings. Gather up a few items from your altar, maybe a stone or a feather or some herbs, and bury them in the dirt below a beloved tree in your yard or neighborhood.

3. Light a candle and meditate. If it’s warm enough to sit outside in the grass, or on your porch, that’s ideal–but even sitting in your bedroom with the lights off and a candle lit is a great way to manifest the energy of Beltane. Because to me, it just isn’t Beltane if there isn’t fire involved. Take a few minutes to sit quietly, reflect on what makes you happy, the people that bring you joy, old happy memories, etc… just enjoy the moment for what it is, and remember to smile. 🙂

So there you have it. With 3 hours left of Beltane, there’s still plenty of opportunity for magick. Don’t worry that you aren’t at a grand festival or big bonfire, some of the best and most spiritual experiences are ones you discover alone. No disruption, no distraction, just you and the pure loving energy of the moment!

☾ Tarot Card Study: The Lovers ☽

94249db4ddf00d6017692298eace81d4Tarot Card Study of the week: The Lovers 

Interpretation: The moment we decide to enter a partnership with someone else, everything usually seems perfect. We’re floating high in the honeymoon stage. Eventually, however, we discover flaws in the person and in the partnership that might have been unacceptable if we knew them beforehand. The relationship starts off pure (blissful ignorance), but when that stage fades, you have some choices to make. This card is not always referring to love & romantic relationships either, but also crucial life choices regarding a variety of partnerships (business partners, friends, family members, etc). There is a strong feeling of indecisiveness with this card, but a choice has to be made. Something is going to change, and while it may seem negative on the surface, it will later prove to be a blessing in disguise!

Questions to ask: What further information do you need before making a decision? What has this person/union taught you about your own values? Are you taking the easy way out? Is the easy way really for your own greater good? Are you acting on a moral high-ground or low-ground?

What are your interpretations of The Lovers?

Tarot Cards Featuring People of Color

5 Tarot Decks Featuring People of Color: Part 1

One major issue I have with the tarot is how little representation there is for people of color. Most decks sold at your local bookstore or metaphysical shop feature primarily white characters–leaving people of other ethnic and racial identities without representation. I wanted to create a resource for more culturally diverse tarot decks, and I’m excited to share what I found.

5 Beautiful Tarot Decks Featuring People of Color:

1. The Gendron Tarot: 

Tarot Cards Featuring People of Color

The Gendron Tarot features 78 cards of visionary surrealism with mystical, colorful, and “slightly New Age” art. Many people complain that more attention is given to the major arcana than the minor arcana, but I found all of them to be quite powerful.

2. The Afro-Brazilian Tarot

The Afro Brazilian Tarot: Tarot Featuring People of Color

“The Afro-Brazilian Tarot is dedicated to the divinities of the African Yoruban and Brazilian Candomble religions, and combines these and Santeria with the archetypes of tarot.”

3. The Osho-Zen Tarot 

The Osho Zen Tarot

The Osho-Zen tarot brings a very Eastern/buddhist flavor to the Tarot, so much so that it is more of a zen-oracle deck than a traditional tarot deck. It abandons most traditional themes, particularly regarding the past and the future, and instead instead focuses on gaining an understanding of the here and now.

4. The Goddess-Siren Tarot 

Goddess SIren Tarot

The Goddesses and Sirens tarot features powerfully illustrated images portraying the sacred feminine from a variety of cultures.

5. The Ancestral Path Tarot

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.34.33 PM

The beautifully illustrated Ancestral Path tarot assigns a different culture to each suit. This deck explores the legends of different world cultures, with each card uncovering personal spirituality through examining the traditions and beliefs of our ancestors.

Do you have any decks to add to this list, or suggestions for the next roundup? Let me know in the comments section!

xo Lipstick Witch

Tips for Creating Sacred Space

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. — Joseph Campbell

Whether it is a place that you go to meditate or worship, or simply an area of your home that you like to look at for inspiration, your sacred space is an intentional area that expresses the deep human longing for Divine energy. It is a place filled with extraordinary items, manifesting the dreams, passions and soul of the person who created it. Your sacred space should be filled with items that represent to you the divine power of the universe~

If you aren’t sure where to start in creating your own altar or sacred space, I hope these tips will help you:

Creatively Use Wall Space~

Fill your walls with things you find beautiful: vintage postcards, old photos, artwork made by your friends or favorite artists, dreamcatchers, pages from poetry books, etc. Anything sort of poster, artwork, or piece of writing that resonates with who you are and how you like to express yourself is perfect for your sacred space. If you aren’t sure how to arrange it beautifully, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. Here are some examples from my room mates and myself, we hope you’ll find them helpful when creating your own sacred wall space:


I love the simplicity of Shailer’s wall arrangement… effortless, pretty, and radiating positive energy.


Devan’s room…xo


From my bedroom, a mix of collected artwork, cards sent from friends, photography, and some sailor moon for good measure… 😉

Set aside space to be used only for your spiritual treasures~

Sure, your bedside table might be the place for your leftovers and wine glasses, but it’s important to leave some places untouched by ordinary things. Whether it is a special table, an arrangement on a floor cloth, or even on your window sill; be intentional with what you put there and the way you handle the treasures you keep on it. Not only will it make the area more special, but it’s also a good practice in self-discipline. Get up and put your dirty plate in the sink, not on your sacred space! 🙂


This is my current favorite space in my bedroom. The sun shines beautifully on this spot and keeps my crystal babies full of energy!


I love this space in Devan’s room. She covered a wooden board with a beautiful cloth and keeps her most adored crystals, tarot cards, feathers, and other treasures here. It’s a gorgeous, high-energy area of her room.


Shailer’s altar of found things is wonderfully magickal. Each treasure radiates pure loving energy, and brightens her unique space.

Designate an area to a certain theme or intention~

You could dedicate a space to relationships and romance, filling it with notes from your lover, your favorite photographs, and relics from your relationship. If you are single, you can fill the area with things you love about yourself, or with items symbolizing the person or relationship you’d like to manifest in your life. You could dedicate an altar space to any theme really–love, family, your pets, your best friends, your job, your passion, anything. Use this space as a physical manifestation of what you want this area of your life to look like, and to celebrate what you already have!


Here’s an altar space of mine I dedicated to love. I used red tones, rose quartz, rose flowers, etc…


It doesn’t have to be complicated~

Keep it as simple or creatively chaotic as feels right to you. This is your space, arrange so that YOU will want to look at it everyday, not anyone else.


By simply adding feathers she found from a dead owl on the side of the road, Devan has given her handcrafted table another layer of magick and energy.


Taking your most precious found objects and arranging them on a pretty decorative bowl or plate is enough to transform a basic space into something much more precious, as shown here.

So…get started! Here’s how to begin:

1. Decide upon & clear your space: Bedroom, living room, or some other space? Does it get it’s own table, portion of your dresser, shelf, floor space, etc?

2. Set your theme: Seasonal, love, breakup, family, religious, etc. What do you want this altar/sacred space to manifest?

3. Collect your sacred objects: Found objects~ pinecones, rocks, sticks, shells, flowers, etc. Purchased or gifted objects: tarot cards, crystals, meditative tools, candles, incense, etc…

4. Maintain & transform it as time goes on: As time changes and you change, so will your altar! Feel free to change it up as you grow, and as your space grows. Charge your crystals & tarot cards in the moonlight to give them fresh energy, and transition between other sacred tools as you feel necessary!

If you found this post helpful, or if you have your own sacred space to share, I’d love to see it! Leave photos in the comments section or tweet me! 🙂

In gratitude,

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The Perfect Tarot Deck Will Find You

Hello! I’m so happy to hear that you are interested in the magical world of tarot. Tarot has been a part of my life for many years now, and I’m excited to help you find the tools to start this mystical journey for yourself. If you’ve never had a deck before, it can be a little daunting to pick out your very first one. Similarly, If you’ve practiced a little bit but have never found a deck that really resonates with you, choosing the perfect tarot deck is equally difficult.

There are hundreds and hundreds of tarot decks out there. From the traditional Rider Waite to the endless number of themed cards–finding the *right* deck really depends on your goals, inspiration, and personal aesthetic. Before you start your hunt for the right tarot deck, ask yourself these questions:

1) What is my knowledge and experience with the symbols presented in the tarot?

If you have minimal knowledge of the tarot, it will be very important for you to find a deck that stays true to the symbolism of traditional tarot. I’m sure you have heard it before, but the Rider Waite deck is an ideal deck for the absolute beginner. If you are set on something other than Rider Waite, do some research on tarot decks and read the reviews. Ask questions. Most importantly just make sure that your deck doesnt stray too far from the true meanings of the cards, as that will just confuse your learning. My very first deck was the Paulina Tarot, and while the art was more whimsical and unique, the symbolism stayed the same! A traditional deck is best because they are more widely referenced in tarot books, and the imagery is more simplistic, straight forward, and easy to understand.

If you have some experience with the tarot, feel free to seek out different types of decks. In fact, if you have a lot of experience with tarot and still haven’t found what you are looking for in traditional decks, there is sure to be something for you if you narrow down your other interests, passions, and magickal beliefs. (But we’ll talk more about that later! )

2) Who will I primarily use these cards on? Will I be giving readings to the public or mostly for personal readings?

If you will be using the cards mostly for personal readings, feel free to go as deep, dark, and mysterious as you’d like. Or as whimsical and quirky as you’d like! It’s really up to you and what you are looking for in a reading. For my own personal readings, I love my ‘Mary El’ tarot deck. The meanings behind the cards are vaguely similar to a traditional deck, but are highly personal and subjective to the readers subconscious. I would not use these cards for a reading on someone else, but for me they are perfect.

If you are going to be using your cards to read for other people, I’d highly suggest choosing a deck that is understandable, relatable, and unoffensive!

The 'Bohemian Cats' deck is one I bought for my friend for her birthday. Even cat lovers have decks just for them. :)  Photo by Annie Parham!

3) What other mystical themes am I interested in?

This is the fun part. Get out a notebook and write down all of the other spiritual and metaphysical themes you are interested in. Or just the things you love in everyday life. Are you passionate about angels? Goddesses? Greek Mythology? The Moon? The trees? Sacred Geometry? Etc. A quick google search of (your theme) + tarot cards is sure to turn up something. These themed decks can be highly personal, meaningful, and a lot of fun to collect. Tarot sites like Aeclectic are great places to start your research.

Asking yourself those three questions is a great place to start on your search for the right tarot deck, but there’s something more important to understand…

The perfect tarot deck will always find you.

Have you ever heard the myth that you shouldn’t buy yourself your first tarot deck? While I think it’s certainly okay to buy it for yourself if getting one gifted isn’t an option, but the idea behind it is that the perfect deck will come to you when you are ready. It will find you. You will know it has found you when you pick it up and can see and understand the deeper meaning behind the card without even having to look at a guidebook. When the symbolism resonates with your own internal understanding of the world. When it just feels right.

Look at your notes regarding the three questions you answered above, light a candle, sit in a quiet place and visualize the deck you are longing for. What does it feel like? What does it look like? What will it reveal to you? Imagine it in your hands, imagine shuffling through it and seeing the beautiful images on each card. After you have the image in your mind, recite this chant to help the cards you visualized find their way to you:

Powers of the air, gentle and fair, bring my perfect deck to me. Send me your wisdom and send me your sight, in the cards I manifest tonight. As I will, so mote it be!” 

–How did you find your favorite tarot deck, or how did it find you? What do you love about it? Feel free to leave a comment giving your own insight or wisdom!–

In gratitude,

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30 Days of Grace: A Review


Discover the Goddess in you with Alena Hennessey’s 30 Days of Grace

I don’t have enough kind words to say about Alena Hennessey’s 30 Days of Grace course. Right from the beginning you are manifesting pure creative energy by allowing yourself to just be present in the spirit of the divine feminine. You are healing by simply allowing yourself to sit and create without distraction. You do not need to be an artist. In fact, I hadn’t taken an art or painting class since college, but found myself beautifully inspired by each lesson. From learning to paint your goddess muse, to putting together a sacred altar, to creating art that represents “letting go” of things that no longer serve you, this course is incredible and life changing.

I must say, you have to have the self discipline and time to finish all of the assignments in the 30 days– but each lesson is available for 5 months after the course ends! (I find myself coming back to different lessons and doing them whenever I feel inspired.)

One of my favorite parts of this class was the Facebook group, shared by all of the participants. The energy created and shared in this group is beyond anything I could have expected. The love and support from women across the country is quite symbolic of exactly what the 30 Days of Grace course represents…

The beautiful, unspoken energy created and shared by the feminine. I will be posting more about my lessons in this class, but for now– just know that this class is powerful, beautiful, and wonderfully challenging.

If you can let go of your need to be perfect, let go of the fear of messing up, and let go of the idea that you can control everything… this class is for you. Open yourself to Grace and freely create. To learn more about 30 Days of Grace you can visit Alena’s website here!

In gratitude,

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