Black Power Tarot: Less than 30 decks left


il_570xN.752353738_d7pyThe Black Power Tarot Deck

I found this incredible deck while shopping online for tarot cards to gift to my beautiful sister, a woman of color who is new to the world of tarot. Most often when choosing decks for beginners, the Rider Waite deck is the first suggestion. And it’s true, the Rider Waite deck is great for new readers, but it’s exclusively white and doesn’t give any representation to black people.

This deck though…This deck is incredible! It’s dark, somber and rich archetypal symbolism gives readers new context for understanding their own story. I’d say this deck is a must have for any witch-of-color. This 26 card deck features important cultural influencers from black history, including Tupac as the Hanged Man and Tina Turner as Strength.

The Black Power tarot deck was born from the visionary mind of musician King Khan, who sought to celebrate black power using the mystic language of the Tarot. The characters featured in this deck are African American people whom he felt followed a path of illumination despite being born in a country that is vehemently corrupt against them.

Khan studied tarot for a decade, after being gifted the Tarot de Marseilles by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Jodorowsky personally taught Khan how to read and understand the tarot–giving him a much deeper and profound understanding of the craft and it’s ability to give context and meaning to cultural stories.

They worked together for years to put together a deck that they both felt was spiritually authentic and spoke to the truth of the African American archetypal story.

The mission of the black power tarot was to “add a heavy dose of surrealistic mythos to American history by replacing the archetypes of the major arcana with the chosen people thus giving the world a new deck.”

And the black power tarot was born! 

If you are a white tarot reader, I would encourage you to take a second and think before you rush to buy this deck for yourself. It’s extremely limited edition (like, down to the last batch of 30 decks). With the tarot and occult scene being so whitewashed already, and with most decks pretty exclusively catering to white characters, i’d take a second to think about leaving accessibility to this deck to the people it uplifts and represents…black people.

If you’re interested in this deck or want to gift it to someone you know, you can find it here:

xo Kelsey




4e028cad6cac23dce3ad1e68651a17ea TAROT CARD STUDY OF THE WEEK: THE DEVIL

Interpretation: Despite the fear that the Devil card often invokes in people, it’s truly not a frightening card at all. The Devil card is about bondage– a deep, metaphorical and internal bondage. When this card is pulled, you are being asked to look beyond superficial appearances and go deeper into the Truth of a situation. Look beyond how you WANT to feel, beyond what you wish was happening, beyond all layers of inauthenticity and fantasy. What is actually going on? You are asked to remember that when you are feeling stuck or restrained, you almost always have the keys to your own freedom. You CAN make change and free yourself.

At its core, this card is about negative relationships that you might have with someone or something. Whether it’s a lover, a boss, alcohol, or some other vice. Perhaps there is a friend who you know is bad for you, yet you continue to involve them in your life. Perhaps it is a bad habit that you can’t let go of. Are you drinking too much? Spending too much time on the internet and letting it harm other parts of your life? Perhaps there is a lover you know you need to let go of for your own greater good, but cannot seem to leave.

This card brings addiction and codependency to light. Toxic substances, relationships with things and people, and deep denial about the truth of your current situation are things to consider.

The Devil card says that you, and only you, can abandon your current state of hopelessness and suffering.  So what are you going to do about it?

Questions to ask: When you listen to your intuition, what does it tell you about the truth of your situation? Where are you feeling stuck or restricted in your life? Who or what is in charge of our lives? What are you obsessing over? Are you letting your ego control your life? How can you lift yourself out of these lower levels of thoughts and feelings?

What are your interpretations of The Devil card? Feel free to share photos and interpretations in the comments section, or share with me on Facebook

☾ Tarot Card Study: The Lovers ☽

94249db4ddf00d6017692298eace81d4Tarot Card Study of the week: The Lovers 

Interpretation: The moment we decide to enter a partnership with someone else, everything usually seems perfect. We’re floating high in the honeymoon stage. Eventually, however, we discover flaws in the person and in the partnership that might have been unacceptable if we knew them beforehand. The relationship starts off pure (blissful ignorance), but when that stage fades, you have some choices to make. This card is not always referring to love & romantic relationships either, but also crucial life choices regarding a variety of partnerships (business partners, friends, family members, etc). There is a strong feeling of indecisiveness with this card, but a choice has to be made. Something is going to change, and while it may seem negative on the surface, it will later prove to be a blessing in disguise!

Questions to ask: What further information do you need before making a decision? What has this person/union taught you about your own values? Are you taking the easy way out? Is the easy way really for your own greater good? Are you acting on a moral high-ground or low-ground?

What are your interpretations of The Lovers?

Tarot Cards Featuring People of Color

5 Tarot Decks Featuring People of Color: Part 1

One major issue I have with the tarot is how little representation there is for people of color. Most decks sold at your local bookstore or metaphysical shop feature primarily white characters–leaving people of other ethnic and racial identities without representation. I wanted to create a resource for more culturally diverse tarot decks, and I’m excited to share what I found.

5 Beautiful Tarot Decks Featuring People of Color:

1. The Gendron Tarot: 

Tarot Cards Featuring People of Color

The Gendron Tarot features 78 cards of visionary surrealism with mystical, colorful, and “slightly New Age” art. Many people complain that more attention is given to the major arcana than the minor arcana, but I found all of them to be quite powerful.

2. The Afro-Brazilian Tarot

The Afro Brazilian Tarot: Tarot Featuring People of Color

“The Afro-Brazilian Tarot is dedicated to the divinities of the African Yoruban and Brazilian Candomble religions, and combines these and Santeria with the archetypes of tarot.”

3. The Osho-Zen Tarot 

The Osho Zen Tarot

The Osho-Zen tarot brings a very Eastern/buddhist flavor to the Tarot, so much so that it is more of a zen-oracle deck than a traditional tarot deck. It abandons most traditional themes, particularly regarding the past and the future, and instead instead focuses on gaining an understanding of the here and now.

4. The Goddess-Siren Tarot 

Goddess SIren Tarot

The Goddesses and Sirens tarot features powerfully illustrated images portraying the sacred feminine from a variety of cultures.

5. The Ancestral Path Tarot

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.34.33 PM

The beautifully illustrated Ancestral Path tarot assigns a different culture to each suit. This deck explores the legends of different world cultures, with each card uncovering personal spirituality through examining the traditions and beliefs of our ancestors.

Do you have any decks to add to this list, or suggestions for the next roundup? Let me know in the comments section!

xo Lipstick Witch

The Perfect Tarot Deck Will Find You

Hello! I’m so happy to hear that you are interested in the magical world of tarot. Tarot has been a part of my life for many years now, and I’m excited to help you find the tools to start this mystical journey for yourself. If you’ve never had a deck before, it can be a little daunting to pick out your very first one. Similarly, If you’ve practiced a little bit but have never found a deck that really resonates with you, choosing the perfect tarot deck is equally difficult.

There are hundreds and hundreds of tarot decks out there. From the traditional Rider Waite to the endless number of themed cards–finding the *right* deck really depends on your goals, inspiration, and personal aesthetic. Before you start your hunt for the right tarot deck, ask yourself these questions:

1) What is my knowledge and experience with the symbols presented in the tarot?

If you have minimal knowledge of the tarot, it will be very important for you to find a deck that stays true to the symbolism of traditional tarot. I’m sure you have heard it before, but the Rider Waite deck is an ideal deck for the absolute beginner. If you are set on something other than Rider Waite, do some research on tarot decks and read the reviews. Ask questions. Most importantly just make sure that your deck doesnt stray too far from the true meanings of the cards, as that will just confuse your learning. My very first deck was the Paulina Tarot, and while the art was more whimsical and unique, the symbolism stayed the same! A traditional deck is best because they are more widely referenced in tarot books, and the imagery is more simplistic, straight forward, and easy to understand.

If you have some experience with the tarot, feel free to seek out different types of decks. In fact, if you have a lot of experience with tarot and still haven’t found what you are looking for in traditional decks, there is sure to be something for you if you narrow down your other interests, passions, and magickal beliefs. (But we’ll talk more about that later! )

2) Who will I primarily use these cards on? Will I be giving readings to the public or mostly for personal readings?

If you will be using the cards mostly for personal readings, feel free to go as deep, dark, and mysterious as you’d like. Or as whimsical and quirky as you’d like! It’s really up to you and what you are looking for in a reading. For my own personal readings, I love my ‘Mary El’ tarot deck. The meanings behind the cards are vaguely similar to a traditional deck, but are highly personal and subjective to the readers subconscious. I would not use these cards for a reading on someone else, but for me they are perfect.

If you are going to be using your cards to read for other people, I’d highly suggest choosing a deck that is understandable, relatable, and unoffensive!

The 'Bohemian Cats' deck is one I bought for my friend for her birthday. Even cat lovers have decks just for them. :)  Photo by Annie Parham!

3) What other mystical themes am I interested in?

This is the fun part. Get out a notebook and write down all of the other spiritual and metaphysical themes you are interested in. Or just the things you love in everyday life. Are you passionate about angels? Goddesses? Greek Mythology? The Moon? The trees? Sacred Geometry? Etc. A quick google search of (your theme) + tarot cards is sure to turn up something. These themed decks can be highly personal, meaningful, and a lot of fun to collect. Tarot sites like Aeclectic are great places to start your research.

Asking yourself those three questions is a great place to start on your search for the right tarot deck, but there’s something more important to understand…

The perfect tarot deck will always find you.

Have you ever heard the myth that you shouldn’t buy yourself your first tarot deck? While I think it’s certainly okay to buy it for yourself if getting one gifted isn’t an option, but the idea behind it is that the perfect deck will come to you when you are ready. It will find you. You will know it has found you when you pick it up and can see and understand the deeper meaning behind the card without even having to look at a guidebook. When the symbolism resonates with your own internal understanding of the world. When it just feels right.

Look at your notes regarding the three questions you answered above, light a candle, sit in a quiet place and visualize the deck you are longing for. What does it feel like? What does it look like? What will it reveal to you? Imagine it in your hands, imagine shuffling through it and seeing the beautiful images on each card. After you have the image in your mind, recite this chant to help the cards you visualized find their way to you:

Powers of the air, gentle and fair, bring my perfect deck to me. Send me your wisdom and send me your sight, in the cards I manifest tonight. As I will, so mote it be!” 

–How did you find your favorite tarot deck, or how did it find you? What do you love about it? Feel free to leave a comment giving your own insight or wisdom!–

In gratitude,

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