Not quite a relationship blog, but kinda.



I’m not quite ready to let go of The Love Monster. 

I was just going through my old blog, The Love Monster, and I’m realizing how much I missed blogging. Having a “themed” blog makes writing seem harder to keep up with– and with the love monster, writing about sexuality, love, and relationships just came naturally.

Writing about magick and spirituality is something entirely different. Am I really equipped to give advice about spirit? About magick? The Goddess?

In reality though, spirituality, magic and relationships are deeply interconnected in my life. There’s no need to separate them, and this blog is a place where I can discuss both.

To me, being a witch is about both surrendering (to) and empowering yourself. Surrendering to death and the cyclical nature of existence, surrendering to your higher Self, to that voice of authenticity deep inside– while also becoming empowered enough to listen to and understand what you’re hearing. Learning how to use the tools of the universe to make real change in your life. To give your human experience real meaning.

This means a lot for all of my relationships, friendships and family included.

So, I suppose this is a re-introduction to my blog, Lipstick Witch. I haven’t entirely given up on my love monster side, and hope my readers (if there’s anyone actually out there) are excited to hear more of my voice.

If you have anything you’d like me to write about, feel free to leave a comment.


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