Black Power Tarot: Less than 30 decks left


il_570xN.752353738_d7pyThe Black Power Tarot Deck

I found this incredible deck while shopping online for tarot cards to gift to my beautiful sister, a woman of color who is new to the world of tarot. Most often when choosing decks for beginners, the Rider Waite deck is the first suggestion. And it’s true, the Rider Waite deck is great for new readers, but it’s exclusively white and doesn’t give any representation to black people.

This deck though…This deck is incredible! It’s dark, somber and rich archetypal symbolism gives readers new context for understanding their own story. I’d say this deck is a must have for any witch-of-color. This 26 card deck features important cultural influencers from black history, including Tupac as the Hanged Man and Tina Turner as Strength.

The Black Power tarot deck was born from the visionary mind of musician King Khan, who sought to celebrate black power using the mystic language of the Tarot. The characters featured in this deck are African American people whom he felt followed a path of illumination despite being born in a country that is vehemently corrupt against them.

Khan studied tarot for a decade, after being gifted the Tarot de Marseilles by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Jodorowsky personally taught Khan how to read and understand the tarot–giving him a much deeper and profound understanding of the craft and it’s ability to give context and meaning to cultural stories.

They worked together for years to put together a deck that they both felt was spiritually authentic and spoke to the truth of the African American archetypal story.

The mission of the black power tarot was to “add a heavy dose of surrealistic mythos to American history by replacing the archetypes of the major arcana with the chosen people thus giving the world a new deck.”

And the black power tarot was born! 

If you are a white tarot reader, I would encourage you to take a second and think before you rush to buy this deck for yourself. It’s extremely limited edition (like, down to the last batch of 30 decks). With the tarot and occult scene being so whitewashed already, and with most decks pretty exclusively catering to white characters, i’d take a second to think about leaving accessibility to this deck to the people it uplifts and represents…black people.

If you’re interested in this deck or want to gift it to someone you know, you can find it here:

xo Kelsey



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