The Devil:

Another great interpretation of The Devil card by Anne Duthers!

Anne Duthers

The Devil“Any one thing in your daily world can, and will, take over all your energy, consuming every minute of your time, if you let it.” ~AD

Notice how the Devil looks as if he wears a mask? And although his right hand reads “live long and prosper” (!?!) his left holds a torch to the man’s tail. Be careful to review the whole picture, before making a deal with this guy.

The couple seems to have wandered into a wild party that looked like fun before they ended up in this room, chained to a block (material obsession). The man pushes the torch away from his backside even as his tail is lit (with flames of desire). Her tail is a grapevine (drunkenness/lineage/luxury).

It looks as if they are just about to regain their senses, clasp hands and finally make their way home. No doubt those tails will fall off…

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