4e028cad6cac23dce3ad1e68651a17ea TAROT CARD STUDY OF THE WEEK: THE DEVIL

Interpretation: Despite the fear that the Devil card often invokes in people, it’s truly not a frightening card at all. The Devil card is about bondage– a deep, metaphorical and internal bondage. When this card is pulled, you are being asked to look beyond superficial appearances and go deeper into the Truth of a situation. Look beyond how you WANT to feel, beyond what you wish was happening, beyond all layers of inauthenticity and fantasy. What is actually going on? You are asked to remember that when you are feeling stuck or restrained, you almost always have the keys to your own freedom. You CAN make change and free yourself.

At its core, this card is about negative relationships that you might have with someone or something. Whether it’s a lover, a boss, alcohol, or some other vice. Perhaps there is a friend who you know is bad for you, yet you continue to involve them in your life. Perhaps it is a bad habit that you can’t let go of. Are you drinking too much? Spending too much time on the internet and letting it harm other parts of your life? Perhaps there is a lover you know you need to let go of for your own greater good, but cannot seem to leave.

This card brings addiction and codependency to light. Toxic substances, relationships with things and people, and deep denial about the truth of your current situation are things to consider.

The Devil card says that you, and only you, can abandon your current state of hopelessness and suffering.  So what are you going to do about it?

Questions to ask: When you listen to your intuition, what does it tell you about the truth of your situation? Where are you feeling stuck or restricted in your life? Who or what is in charge of our lives? What are you obsessing over? Are you letting your ego control your life? How can you lift yourself out of these lower levels of thoughts and feelings?

What are your interpretations of The Devil card? Feel free to share photos and interpretations in the comments section, or share with me on Facebook

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