3 Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Beltane (for the procrastinator witch)

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Beltane is a time for fun, friends, food, and blissful celebration. Warmer times are upon us, the sun is shining, and happier days are ahead! Typically Beltane is celebrated on the evening before May 1st, and was traditionally a time where people would gather for one last time before spending their summers working in the fields or the hills. It’s a time for blessings, for indulgence, for flowers and sunshine and late night bonfires with loved ones. A time for thanks and appreciation for the people that you love. A magickal event indeed!

Perhaps you planned to do a nature walk in the woods or meadows, or dance around the May pole with your best friends, but you’re finding yourself sitting at home alone feeling down that Beltane has passed you by.

Don’t worry! You can still celebrate the magic of of this wondrous occasion (even if there are only a few hours left) and indulge in the joy it brings….

Here are 3 last minute ways to celebrate Beltane:

1. Skype with or call up a family member or friend. Okay, so it’s too late for your epic Beltane bonfire…but it isn’t too late for a long conversation with a best friend. Give them your blessings, tell them you love them, make plans for the summer, reminisce about your happiest of times. While it would be ideal to be with them physically, sometimes that just doesn’t work out, and thats where the beauty of the internet comes in!

2. Bring an offering to a tree outside of your home. This could take less than 10 minutes, and it’s a great way to give thanks to the earth and to the universe for their many blessings. Gather up a few items from your altar, maybe a stone or a feather or some herbs, and bury them in the dirt below a beloved tree in your yard or neighborhood.

3. Light a candle and meditate. If it’s warm enough to sit outside in the grass, or on your porch, that’s ideal–but even sitting in your bedroom with the lights off and a candle lit is a great way to manifest the energy of Beltane. Because to me, it just isn’t Beltane if there isn’t fire involved. Take a few minutes to sit quietly, reflect on what makes you happy, the people that bring you joy, old happy memories, etc… just enjoy the moment for what it is, and remember to smile. 🙂

So there you have it. With 3 hours left of Beltane, there’s still plenty of opportunity for magick. Don’t worry that you aren’t at a grand festival or big bonfire, some of the best and most spiritual experiences are ones you discover alone. No disruption, no distraction, just you and the pure loving energy of the moment!

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