☾ Tarot Card Study: The Lovers ☽

94249db4ddf00d6017692298eace81d4Tarot Card Study of the week: The Lovers 

Interpretation: The moment we decide to enter a partnership with someone else, everything usually seems perfect. We’re floating high in the honeymoon stage. Eventually, however, we discover flaws in the person and in the partnership that might have been unacceptable if we knew them beforehand. The relationship starts off pure (blissful ignorance), but when that stage fades, you have some choices to make. This card is not always referring to love & romantic relationships either, but also crucial life choices regarding a variety of partnerships (business partners, friends, family members, etc). There is a strong feeling of indecisiveness with this card, but a choice has to be made. Something is going to change, and while it may seem negative on the surface, it will later prove to be a blessing in disguise!

Questions to ask: What further information do you need before making a decision? What has this person/union taught you about your own values? Are you taking the easy way out? Is the easy way really for your own greater good? Are you acting on a moral high-ground or low-ground?

What are your interpretations of The Lovers?

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