Tips for Creating Sacred Space

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. — Joseph Campbell

Whether it is a place that you go to meditate or worship, or simply an area of your home that you like to look at for inspiration, your sacred space is an intentional area that expresses the deep human longing for Divine energy. It is a place filled with extraordinary items, manifesting the dreams, passions and soul of the person who created it. Your sacred space should be filled with items that represent to you the divine power of the universe~

If you aren’t sure where to start in creating your own altar or sacred space, I hope these tips will help you:

Creatively Use Wall Space~

Fill your walls with things you find beautiful: vintage postcards, old photos, artwork made by your friends or favorite artists, dreamcatchers, pages from poetry books, etc. Anything sort of poster, artwork, or piece of writing that resonates with who you are and how you like to express yourself is perfect for your sacred space. If you aren’t sure how to arrange it beautifully, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. Here are some examples from my room mates and myself, we hope you’ll find them helpful when creating your own sacred wall space:


I love the simplicity of Shailer’s wall arrangement… effortless, pretty, and radiating positive energy.


Devan’s room…xo


From my bedroom, a mix of collected artwork, cards sent from friends, photography, and some sailor moon for good measure… 😉

Set aside space to be used only for your spiritual treasures~

Sure, your bedside table might be the place for your leftovers and wine glasses, but it’s important to leave some places untouched by ordinary things. Whether it is a special table, an arrangement on a floor cloth, or even on your window sill; be intentional with what you put there and the way you handle the treasures you keep on it. Not only will it make the area more special, but it’s also a good practice in self-discipline. Get up and put your dirty plate in the sink, not on your sacred space! 🙂


This is my current favorite space in my bedroom. The sun shines beautifully on this spot and keeps my crystal babies full of energy!


I love this space in Devan’s room. She covered a wooden board with a beautiful cloth and keeps her most adored crystals, tarot cards, feathers, and other treasures here. It’s a gorgeous, high-energy area of her room.


Shailer’s altar of found things is wonderfully magickal. Each treasure radiates pure loving energy, and brightens her unique space.

Designate an area to a certain theme or intention~

You could dedicate a space to relationships and romance, filling it with notes from your lover, your favorite photographs, and relics from your relationship. If you are single, you can fill the area with things you love about yourself, or with items symbolizing the person or relationship you’d like to manifest in your life. You could dedicate an altar space to any theme really–love, family, your pets, your best friends, your job, your passion, anything. Use this space as a physical manifestation of what you want this area of your life to look like, and to celebrate what you already have!


Here’s an altar space of mine I dedicated to love. I used red tones, rose quartz, rose flowers, etc…


It doesn’t have to be complicated~

Keep it as simple or creatively chaotic as feels right to you. This is your space, arrange so that YOU will want to look at it everyday, not anyone else.


By simply adding feathers she found from a dead owl on the side of the road, Devan has given her handcrafted table another layer of magick and energy.


Taking your most precious found objects and arranging them on a pretty decorative bowl or plate is enough to transform a basic space into something much more precious, as shown here.

So…get started! Here’s how to begin:

1. Decide upon & clear your space: Bedroom, living room, or some other space? Does it get it’s own table, portion of your dresser, shelf, floor space, etc?

2. Set your theme: Seasonal, love, breakup, family, religious, etc. What do you want this altar/sacred space to manifest?

3. Collect your sacred objects: Found objects~ pinecones, rocks, sticks, shells, flowers, etc. Purchased or gifted objects: tarot cards, crystals, meditative tools, candles, incense, etc…

4. Maintain & transform it as time goes on: As time changes and you change, so will your altar! Feel free to change it up as you grow, and as your space grows. Charge your crystals & tarot cards in the moonlight to give them fresh energy, and transition between other sacred tools as you feel necessary!

If you found this post helpful, or if you have your own sacred space to share, I’d love to see it! Leave photos in the comments section or tweet me! 🙂

In gratitude,

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.37.46 PM

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  1. charoferg says:

    A really good read! I’m going to share this in my upcoming links I love roundup! And I’ve followed you so will be stalking!

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