30 Days of Grace: A Review


Discover the Goddess in you with Alena Hennessey’s 30 Days of Grace

I don’t have enough kind words to say about Alena Hennessey’s 30 Days of Grace course. Right from the beginning you are manifesting pure creative energy by allowing yourself to just be present in the spirit of the divine feminine. You are healing by simply allowing yourself to sit and create without distraction. You do not need to be an artist. In fact, I hadn’t taken an art or painting class since college, but found myself beautifully inspired by each lesson. From learning to paint your goddess muse, to putting together a sacred altar, to creating art that represents “letting go” of things that no longer serve you, this course is incredible and life changing.

I must say, you have to have the self discipline and time to finish all of the assignments in the 30 days– but each lesson is available for 5 months after the course ends! (I find myself coming back to different lessons and doing them whenever I feel inspired.)

One of my favorite parts of this class was the Facebook group, shared by all of the participants. The energy created and shared in this group is beyond anything I could have expected. The love and support from women across the country is quite symbolic of exactly what the 30 Days of Grace course represents…

The beautiful, unspoken energy created and shared by the feminine. I will be posting more about my lessons in this class, but for now– just know that this class is powerful, beautiful, and wonderfully challenging.

If you can let go of your need to be perfect, let go of the fear of messing up, and let go of the idea that you can control everything… this class is for you. Open yourself to Grace and freely create. To learn more about 30 Days of Grace you can visit Alena’s website here!

In gratitude,

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